My PhD

My PhD title is Improving User Privacy in Mobile and Ubiquitous Health Technologies.

Health technologies offer various functionalities allowing users to track health parameters, but the privacy risks from this data collection are not well understood. This project focuses on people's understanding of inferences that can be made from data collected by these technologies, and whether their privacy preferences match up to the reality of the privacy options available to them.


Click on the title of each study to find out more and access any resources or publications relating to it. Feel free to get in touch if you want to talk about any of my research - I'd love to hear from you!

Exploring User Motivations Behind iOS App Tracking Transparency Decisions
Open access paper     Open data
This study looks at decisions made within the App Tracking Transparency framework, which allows users to decide whether they would like their activity tracked for advertising purposes. We investigate patterns and user motivation beind these decisions.
Footprints to Emissions: Exploring Near-future Digital Vulnerabilities with Creative Methodologies
This project, funded by the SPRITE Network, is split into two parts. The first is recording the ways users currently protect their privacy on their smartphones, and the second is focused on the ways users interpret threats to their data privacy and how these threats might evolve in the future.
Privacy Boundaries for Digital Health Data
User Understanding of Inferences from Smartwatch Data


2023 | BPS Cyberpsychology Conference
Newcastle, July 24-25
Organiser of panel discussion on the intersection between Psychology and Cyber Security.
2023 | Behavioural and Social Sciences in Security
Bath, July 11-13
Poster presentation on how user misconceptions of App Tracking Transparency could be exploited.
2023 | Digital Footprints Conference
Bristol, May 11
Poster presentation on my study of privacy boundaries for health data. You can view the poster file here.
2023 | ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Hamburg, April 23-28
Presentation on my App Tracking Transparency study. The paper is open access and available on the ACM Digital Library.
2022 | BPS Cyberpsychology Conference
Brighton, September 22-23
Poster presentation on my study of App Tracking Transparency use. The poster file is available to view.
2022 | Workshop on Inclusive Privacy and Security
Online, August 7
Workshop mapping out the future of inclusive privacy and security research.